Microsoft offers $100 to customers who trade in their PS3 for an Xbox One

Microsoft is passing out a new ad campaign image. It highlights the gist of a new trade-in program it’s offering for potential Xbox One gamers. As the ad suggests, you’ll earn $100 if you bring your PlayStation 3 into a Microsoft store and trade it in towards an Xbox One. Further investigation lead us to this link on the Microsoft Store’s official site. The deal is indeed legitimate, though it extends to more than just the PlayStation 3. 

While the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launches started off with Microsoft and Sonytrading congratulatory tweets, Microsoft has stepped up its marketing recently. In promotional emails, the software giant is offering $100 towards an Xbox One when people “ditch” Sony’s PlayStation 3. The trade-in deal is only available at Microsoft’s retail stores in the US, and it applies to the PS3, Xbox 360 S, or Xbox 360 E. The promotion reduces the $100 gap, and brings the Xbox One price down to the same $399 as the PlayStation 4. Given a base model PS3 retails for around $200 right now, it’s not a bad offer if you have a slightly aging PlayStation 3. 

By Alfie Joshua

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