Microsoft rumored to launch cheaper Xbox One later this year

Another source claims to have verified rumours that a cheaper Xbox One console will be released this year, and it may be digital-only. If yesterday’s leak of Xbox One info, including release date information for almost all of its exclusive games, turns out to be real it’ll be one of the biggest leaks in gaming history. But it wasn’t just Microsoft’s software plans that were seemingly laid bare.

Microsoft is reportedly planning to release a cheaper version of its Xbox One console, according to reports on Friday. A ‘senior publishing source’ told VG24/7 that a new iteration of the console will arrive later this year, at a lower price point than the current suggested sale price of $499/£429/AU$599. If the company follows through and drops new hardware this year through, it would also drop the price of the existing Xbox One come to match the less expensive Sony PS4, the report claimed.

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