Microsoft’s biogas-powered datacenter goes online next month

Running a datacenter requires large amounts of power to keep it up and running, and this could in the long run have a detrimental impact on our environment if it is not powered cleanly. Well, Microsoft made an announcement a couple of years ago that they intend to run a new datacenter in Cheyenne, Wyoming through the use of biogas alone. Fast forward to today, and Microsoft has lifted up the veil on this particular datacenter, citing that its power plant ought to be online sometime in the next month.

In November 2012, Microsoft announced plans to power a new datacenter in Cheyenne, Wyoming by using biogas generated from local municipal waste as a research project. Today, the company revealed that the datacenter and its power plant should finally be online sometime in the next month. The project has taken a much longer time to finish than first predicted. Microsoft originally said the datacenter would be completed by March 2013. Today’s update on the facility did not mention any reasons for the delays. The plan is for the datacenter to use fuel cells that are powered by biogas, which is made from the waste provided to Microsoft by the local Dry Creek Water Reclamation Facility. 

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