Motorola Assist now reads and composes messages for you

The power of voice is something that the consumer electronics has taken a closer look at in recent years, and this time around, it would be Motorola Assist that would fall under such a spotlight. This particular Motorola Assist app has been made available for more recent Motorola handsets, where it is smart enough to prevent calls from waking you up at selected times of the day, as well as being able to make sure that your handset remains silent whenever you are in a meeting.

For those of you rocking a newer Motorola phone that has Motorola Assist, it’s time to check for an update. In this new version, you’ll gain the ability to reply to texts using just your voice. You’ll also be able to pick which music app you want to use, and the phone will do a better job detecting when you’re driving, thanks to a Bluetooth connection.  Hit up Google Play for the update.

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