Motorola cuts price of no-contract Moto X yet again

The Moto X is going on sale again. Motorola is going to offer the off-contract phone for just $299 on any carrier for one hour only on Monday, January 27th. The promotion will run from 3 to 4PM ET. That’s the lowest price yet at $100 off the recently-slashed $399 sticker price. The company is planning to use the same process it used during a similar promotion last year whereby customers register during the sale period and receive a personal code entitling them to the discount.

Motorola offered up the Moto X with a $150 discount for Black Friday, then permanently dropped the price earlier this month. Android Central reported that Motorola will offer up the 16GB model for just $299.99 for one hour on Monday, 27 January. This $299.99 off-contract price is another $100 off the current $399.99 price. Given the problems Motorola had and the popularity of their Black Friday special, I wouldn’t count on getting in on one of these $100 off deals in just one hour. You can give it a try though, between 3pm to 4pm Eastern Standard Time on Monday.

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