New app connects you with nearby LinkedIn contacts

Brian Ma, co-founder of and former eBay emplyee, has left his job to start Weave, a mobile app to connect you with nearby LinkedIn contacts. To get Weave going, Ma has partnered with Elpizo Choi, a software engineer who previously worked at Cut Media, CityGrid and CoffeeMe. Choi is based in Seattle, while Ma has decided to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Brian Ma likes going to networking events. But what he doesn’t particularly care for is stepping into the room and not knowing where the interesting people are located. “It’s awkward, inefficient, and completely hit and miss,” says Ma. That’s why the co-founder startedWeave, a new mobile app for iOS that allows people to connect with LinkedIn professionals who might be lingering nearby. A user can choose to anonymously say whether they want to meet them or not. If both people are interested in meeting, Weave connects them to arrange a time.

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