New controller allows you to play video games with your eyes

SteelSeries is working on new video game controller powered by Tobii’s eye-tracking technology will allow users to play games using just their eyes. The device doesn’t have a name yet and there’s still no word on the price or release date, but SteelSeries says it will announce more details in the “coming months.” 

You’ve blasted asteroids with your eyes, but are you ready to shoot virtual bad guys just by looking at them? That’s the promise of a new game controller in development from SteelSeries, powered by Tobii’s eye-tracking technology. Tobii has been slowly upgrading and improving its eye-tracking technology for years, first creating a laptop with eye control, then showing what was possible with an arcade version of Eye Asteroids. Developers have been able to unlock the possibilities of eye control with the company’s Rex peripheral, and now the tech will finally be going commercial with the coming SteelSeries product.

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