New Google report guages ISP performance by using YouTube

Google has launched a ‘Video Quality Report’ that aims to measure the speed of your Internet connection via the quality of the videos being streamed by YouTube. As Google explains: “When your ISP receives your video from YouTube, they begin the important job of carrying it across their network to your home. They must ensure there’s enough capacity where they receive the data from YouTube. Otherwise, your video streaming quality will suffer.”

If you’ve ever tried to use YouTube as a practical measure of how fast your Internet connection is, then you might be in for a surprise. Apparently, Google has the same idea and has launched its Video Quality Report service to gauge an Internet Service Provider’s performance based on how well they are able to stream videos from YouTube. It might seem almost strange for Google to offer such a kind of service that would virtually pit ISPs against each other. After all, it can turn into a virtual hall of shame really quick. But Google’s motives are more or less benign and want users to have a more understandable criteria for evaluating an ISP’s offer, as well as making sure they’re getting their money’s worth.

By Michio Hasai

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