New images of Nokia’s Android phone have been leaked

Images of Nokia’s Android phone, code-named Normandy, were published in November, showing what purported to be a low-cost smartphone that would run with a custom implementation of Android. Now another picture of the phone has appeared on Twitter, showing an apparent “engineering prototype” with a prominent back button and the Nokia logo on a live screen.

Another picture of the Nokia Normandy, an Android powered Nokia smartphone, has popped up in China on the Weibo network. The handset is meant to position itself between ASHA and Nokia’s low-end Lumia handsets – not as a straight open smartphone platform, but as a smarter phone with access to a limited collection of apps controlled by Nokia. Many believe the handset will never see the light, given Microsoft’s impending purchase of Nokia’s handset division, but others believe the handset is already in production and will soon come to market, possibly before Microsoft gains control of Nokia’s phone division.

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