New Jabra headset brings call centers to the next generation

Jabra, a leading manufacturer of innovative audio solutions, today announced the answer to the contact center of tomorrow, the Jabra BIZTM 2300.  Completely rethinking the role of the headset in the contact center, Jabra is launching the Jabra BIZ 2300 as a direct response to address the needs of the evolving contact center landscape.

When it comes down to innovative audio solutions, I am quite sure that a fair number of us have heard of the name Jabra before. Well, Jabra intends to deliver what they see as the future of call center headsets, by introducing the Jabra BIZ 2300. In a nutshell, Jabra has taken a look at the role of the headset in the contact center, and decided to change things from bottom up in the form of the Jabra BIZ 2300.

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