New Kanye West-styled cryptocurrency is easier to use than Bitcoin

Coinye West, a new cryptocurrency that, for some reason, is styled after Kanye West, intends to be much more accessible than Bitcoin or Dogecoin. The fact that Bitcoin is so complicated and difficult to understand has dissuaded a lot of people from using it, but Coinye West is simple and easy.

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, are officially yesterday’s news. You might even call them desperately uncool now that a next generation digital currency known as Coinye West is happening. It’s a lot like other cryptocurrencies at its roots, but the creators have a different vision for the future. As for the Kanye West tie-in, it appears that the developers of Coinye West are using the artist as a mascot of sorts — just Dogecoin’s shiba inu, but more bipedal and better dressed. When asked about the decision to use West as their currency’s symbol, the creators replied, “We chose Kanye because of his trendsetting abilities and his originality.” Mystery solved!

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