New stroller that’s capable of rolling up and down stairs

Navigating a city with a child in a stroller is hard enough, but imagine doing the same with a set of twins. Those double strollers are like driving a miniature bus, and you’ll always be on the hunt for ramps, elevators, or a long way around a set of stairs. It’s a problem that designer Jade Olsson may have just created a solution for—thanks to her six-wheeled T(w)o Go stroller concept, which can keep rolling right on up a flight of stairs.

After researching the needs of parents with toddler twins, swedish designer Jade Olsson has created the ’t(w)o go’ carrier. Intended to offer more than a regular stroller, the mobility device is an alternative option that can be used in staircases and small spaces. the aim of the project was to enable parents to easily leave their home and travel with both children, despite difficult surroundings and transportation routes. The seat is fully collapsible due to the way it is attached to the frame, the stand is integrated into its construction in order to make it both light and strong. a feature of the design is its six-wheeled base, which means it can be taken up stairs, making it possible to pause and have a break in the middle. Focusing on key elements such as affordability and flexibility, the ’t(w)o go’ easily packs away to fit into a car boot and is both safe and trustworthy.

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By Scarlett Madison

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