Nokia phones could outperform Samsung and Apple phones this year

In terms of hardware, Windows Phones have always lagged behind Android phones, but Nokia intends to change that. Rumors suggest that 2014 is the year that Nokia will bring Windows Phone devices up to, or even beyond the level of Android and iOS devices. The rumors indicate that future Nokia phones could come equipped with Snapdragon 805 chipsets and 2K displays.

For a while it seemed that Windows Phone devices lagged behind Android in terms of hardware. While Android OEMs where busy putting out phones with quad-core processors and HD/Full HD displays, Windows Phone devices were still trudging along with dual-core chipsets and sometimes less than HD displays. To be fair the Windows Phone operating system never really needed such high-end specs as it had been optimized for its hardware, but on paper and in terms of marketing, it did not look good. Well if the rumors from Nokia Power User are any indication, 2014 could be where Nokia starts to catchup and maybe even out perform their Android and iPhone competition.

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