North Carolina firefighter's Google Glass app could save lives

Google Glass is still a technology very much in its infancy, looking for the specific utilities and features that’ll make it useful to a broader market than the developers and enthusiasts who are currently experimenting with the device. One of those developers is Patrick Jackson of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. The Glassware apps he’s building aren’t going to be the ones to make Glass a widely-accepted consumer device, but despite that, he’s building out a specific, potentially life-saving use case for Google’s wearable.

A new Google Glass app in the works is anything but smoke and mirrors. Patrick Jackson, a firefighter and self-taught programmer in Rocky Mount, N.C., is working on a Google Glass app that may very well change the way firefighters do their jobs. Initial versions of the app already help with minor tasks, such as receiving messages from dispatch or identifying nearby hydrants. But these features are small potatoes compared to what Jackson’s app may ultimately accomplish.

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