Palantir app listens to you play games and feeds you tips

Gaming is about to get a bit more interactive. This “Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor” app goes by the name of Palantir and it listens to you play the game. This Tolkien-themed game isn’t out yet, and the app comes out in a matter of days, but the concept has real potential. This app listens to you play the game, and should be able to recognize where you are along your journey. From there, the app gives you hints and tips.

Through a joint collaboration with Wikia, Warner Bros. will offer a custom companion app for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. The app is a dedicated hub for all of Wikia’s community-curated Shadow of Mordorcontent, including player-written guides to help with certain missions and background info on characters. While in the app’s “reader” mode, users can peruse a wealth of information about the game and the lore surrounding it. More interesting, however, is a secondary sync mode within Palantir. Once initiated, sync mode constantly listens to the game audio coming off your display and automatically retrieves relevant information surrounding protagonist Talion’s current going-ons. Information runs the gamut from character biographies to mission walkthroughs and more.

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