Panasonic announces new camera capable of recording 4K video

4K is arguably one of the biggest trends at the Consumer Electronics Show, and Panasonic has been loaded with 4K devices this year. One such device is a camera in the GH line that is capable of recording videos in ultra HD. More details are set to arrive with the camera’s official release in late February, when it’ll arrive with a price tag of $2,000 or less.

With plenty of 4K displays in Panasonic’s booth, it’s appropriate the firm’s finally shown off a camera in its GH line that records 4K video. The company’s keeping most of the hardware’s specs close to its collective vest, but a representative was able to divulge a few details. UHD content can be recorded at 200 Mbps, and output in a full live feed via a mini-HDMI port (thanks to ALL-I Intra mode) to display on a computer or record to a hard drive. Of course, the Micro-Four Thirds shooter can save footage straight to an SDXC card — a UHS Class 3 prototype variant tuned for such a task was on display — though space will run out fairly quickly.

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