Paramount to phase out 35-millimeter film in favor of digital

Hollywood’s digital-only future is quickly approaching. Though the studio hasn’t made an official announcement, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Paramount Pictures has become the first major Hollywood studio to phase out 35-millimeter film for its big theatrical releases in the US. The first digital-only release is the The Wolf of Wall Street, which debuted in the US on Christmas day.

Roll credits. For more than a century, Hollywood has relied on 35-millimeter film to capture its fleeting images and deliver them to the silver screen. Now, in a historic move, Paramount Pictures has become the first big studio to stop releasing its major movies on film in the United States. The studio’s Oscar-nominated film “The Wolf of Wall Street” is the studio’s first movie in wide release to be distributed entirely in digital format, according to theater industry executives briefed on the plans who were not authorized to speak publicly.

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