PC makers to announce “PC Plus” laptops that run Windows and Android

Microsoft had grand plans for Windows 8. The company intended to create a single, unified operating system for all of your devices. Obviously that didn’t work out very well. While it was a cool idea, people use different devices for different things and therefore need multiple operating systems. In order to make up for this, several PC makers are “PC Plus” laptops that run both Windows and Android.

Microsoft missed the mark with Windows 8. When it launched in 2012, Microsoft trumpeted one mission for the completely redesigned look: one operating system for all of your tablets, laptops, desktops and even smartphones and Xbox. The Modern UI (née Metro) was supposed to unify the company’s software across the board. If you knew how to use Windows on one device, you didn’t have to relearn anything. Oh, how that plan didn’t pan out. Just like one size doesn’t fit all for smartphone and tablet, one OS certainly doesn’t fit all for computing. People use different devices for different experiences. A laptop OS should be provide the the power and freedom of a PC without the weight. A tablet OS needs to be perfected for the touchscreen. And an desktop PC OS should be optimized so professionals can build tomorrow’s technology and tools.

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By Connor Livingston

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