Pixeom makes it easy to set up your own private cloud services

We live in a world where convenience comes at the cost of privacy. Public cloud services make our lives so much easier but the companies that own these services (Google, Facebook, etc.) offer this convenience in exchange for selling our information to the highest bidder. While it’s possible to create your own private cloud services, most people lack the knowhow to do so. This is something that Pixeom aims to fix.

If it’s not the NSA or Google it’s someone else. These days it seems there’s always somebody scanning your data, looking to make a profit or to learn something about you. What if you could set up your own social network or e-commerce site that didn’t require putting your information in someone else’s data center? That’s the idea behind Pixeom’s palm-size cloud in a box, a $125 device (or $99 if you’re among its first backers on Kickstarter) that aims to make it easy to set up your own social network, file exchange and e-commerce site at home without using public cloud services.

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