Pizza Hut made $1 million from its Xbox 360 app in 4 months

We’re ordering pizza with our Xbox 360s. At least, more of us than anyone would’ve guessed: Pizza Hut pulled in $1 million in just the first four months after its release this spring. The company is interested in more pizza apps, but couldn’t confirm whether they’re actively working on another console right now. The company is working on improving its mobile applications first. Representatives said, “conversations continue to be ongoing with us. Wherever you are, we want to be.”

Expect more pizza ordering options on your video game consoles, based on the success of Pizza Hut’s Xbox 360 app that launched last year. Within the first four months of the Pizza Hut app’s existence, it did more than $1 million in business through Xbox Live, the company said. “It’s been a source of unbelievable growth for us,” said Doug Terfehr, director of public relations for Pizza Hut, in an interview with Polygon. “Just the explosion of people who wanted to download it, experiment with it, play with it with Kinect. As soon as we did one, everyone was contacting us to do the next [one].”

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