Samsung shows off the “world’s first foldable display”

Samsung had plenty to show off during its official CES presentation, but behind the scenes the South Korean smartphone-maker may have unveiled something even more impressive than a 12.2-inch tablet. According to a new report from Korean site ETNews, the company held a closed-door event over the weekend in Las Vegas, just after the conclusion of CES 2014, where it revealed the “world’s first foldable display.”

Samsung Display showcased the world’s first foldable display. This targeted some customers and the related persons only. However, the fact that Samsung Display releases a prototype as the first in the world suggests that the foldable display commercialization has come closer.  According to the industry on the 12th, Samsung Display showcased a foldable display targeting VIPs at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas, U.S. during the CES 2014. 

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