Samsung unveils its new Smart Home platform

Technology is everywhere. We carry it around with ourselves, we even wear it. It has already crept into our homes and now we’re being treated to solutions that manage said technology in a much more efficient way. Archos recently announced its “Connected Objects,” which aim to connect technology that we use everyday. Today Samsung unveiled a new platform that will allow users to control and manage home devices through one single app, the platform is called Samsung Smart Home and it will be showcased at CES 2014.

Samsung Electronics announced Samsung Smart Home, a service enabling Smart TVs, home appliances and smartphones to be connected and managed through a single integrated platform. The Samsung Smart Home brand and product logo will debut at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, and the service will be commercially rolled out across Samsung devices and appliances in the first half of 2014. Pursuing its vision for a connected world, Samsung will also collaborate with third-party partners to make the Smart Home service extendible to their products and services, building the foundation for a rapidly-growing ecosystem of connected home services.


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