Samsung’s most popular smartphone is still the Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S3 might have been replaced by its successor, the Galaxy S4, but it sure holds a market share that would sound like music to companies like HTC and BlackBerry. If Samsung’s sales figures are anything to go by, you would expect the Galaxy S4 to be the most popular Samsung smartphone in the US. As it turns out, this is not the case.

Despite shipping over 40 million units of the Galaxy S4 last year, Samsung’s 5-inch handset still isn’t its most-used smartphone—at least not here in North America. A new study from the Chitika ad network reveals that the Galaxy S III, which launched back in May 2012, is still the most popular model, beating out the S4 by a significant margin. Chitika’s latest study is based on the millions of mobile ad impressions made by Samsung devices throughout December 2013, which allowed the company to break down which smartphones and tablets are getting the most use in North America. Leading the pack is the Galaxy S III with 33.9 percent, followed by the Galaxy S4 (23.8 percent) and the S II (8.4 percent). Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note family of phablets collectively counted for just 13.3 percent of all ad impressions.

By Lorie Wimble

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