Schools and small businesses make more use out of 3D printing than techies

Techies really enjoy creating silly, awesome contraptions with 3D printers, but schools and small businesses are actually making use of the technology. 3D printers allow small businesses to produce their products quickly and cheaply without the need to go through a major manufacturer while schools can craft an entire learning experience around the machine. 

Techies love 3D printers. They build Terminator arms and 3D scanners and personalized toothbrushes that clean your mouth in six seconds. Hobbyists love 3D printers too and go crazy creating guns and figurines of themselves and full-sized Aston Martin vehicles. But you know who else loves 3D printers? Small businesses and schools. That’s right, other less-techie sectors of society are starting to wake up to the potential of printing (almost) any object from scratch. With more and more affordable printers on the market, the magical machines are becoming integral for local institutions ranging from elementary schools to hospitals.

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