Sony intends to actually make use of 4K TV sets

Not only did Sony show off 4K TVs as CES, it also showed off its Video Unlimited 4K offering, a download service for 4K programming first announced at last year’s CES and launching in September. Sony says it boosted the number of movies and TV shows available through Video Unlimited 4K to more than 140 titles.

You can have the prettiest 4K TV sets in the world. But that higher resolution screen will garner only so many oohs and aahs if there’s not enough native content to display on it. It’s a problem that’s bedeviled TV makers as they pour their efforts into making 4K and Ultra HD TVs that the public has yet to embrace. And that’s probably why Sony decided to tackle the issue head on during a Monday press event kicking off its appearance at this year’s International CES.

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