Sony’s next flagship smartphone rumored to have 4K video recording

Sony’s next flagship smartphone, believed to be codenamed “Sirius,” will come with 4K video recording, according to a new report. Xperia Blog, a site that follows Sony’s mobile moves, published images purporting to come from the device’s software. Among the features was a mention of 4K Ultra HD video recording, as well as a timeshifting feature, allowing users to automatically apply slow-motion effects.

Sony is going all-in with 4K video this year: It’s got 4K TVs, 4K video cameras, 4K content — and soon it may even have a smartphone that records 4K video. If homemade kitten videos in Ultra HD doesn’t help goose the market for these ultra-high-resolution TVs, I don’t know what will. Ultra HD, or 4K, video has approximately twice the vertical and horizontal resolution of current HD (or 1080p) screens, giving it four times as many pixels overall (3,840 x 2,160 pixels). That can make for extremely vivid, detailed imagery, especially on large screens or when you’re sitting really close to the TV. On smaller or further-away screens, your eye probably can’t tell the difference.

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By Louie Baur

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