Startup allows users to schedule Instagram posts by bypassing API

Developed in three months and launched this week, Schedugram enables people to schedule posts on Instagram and manage multiple accounts, a feat Instagram has steadfastly blocked by refusing to open up their API. Instagram describes their resistance to opening up their API as an experience and quality control measure.

Instagram is a powerful tool for brands, but unlike Twitter and Facebook, which have native and third-party tools to help power-users manage their posts, Instagram doesn’t provide either, which means people managing busy brand accounts end up wasting a lot of time. In some ways, Instagram’s resistance to catering to power users is kind of admirable, since it implies a premium on average, non-branded users. It also means that brands have to bend to Instagram’s will, and get the same treatment all other users do. Everything has to be done in the moment (or relatively so), keeping things natural. Brands can’t schedule 18 Super Bowl-related photos to go up over the weekend, thankfully. There still aren’t verified badges or icons of any sort yet. The playing field is relatively level.

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