Syrian Electronic Army hacks Microsoft again

On New Year’s Day, the Syrian Electronic Army hacked Skype’s Twitter account and its official Microsoft blog, allegedly in order to warn people away from Microsoft’s email services. Today, the hackers appear to be at it again. This morning, they broke into the Microsoft News Twitter account, and now they’ve hijacked the entire Official Microsoft Blog, turning it into a giant automatic redirect to their own propaganda website.

The Syrian Electronic Army struck again Saturday, hacking a Twitter account that belongs to Microsoft. The Microsoft News (@MSFTnews) account posted the following tweet just after 2:30 p.m. ET, before it was quickly removed. The SEA also tweeted the following screenshot of other tweets and retweets it allegedly posted to the Microsoft News account.

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  • Azzras

    Sensational headline. Nothing from MS was hacked… Twitter was hacked. MAJOR difference.