Syrian Electronic Army hacks Skype's Facebook, Twitter, and official blog

The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed responsibility for hacking Skype’s Facebook, Twitter, and official blog and demanding an end to public spying. Skype managed to regain control and delete the hackers message shortly after they were breached but not before millions of people were able to see the SEA’s message.

We’re not even through the first day of 2014 and cyber attacks have already made their appearance. Earlier today, a person (or a few people) breached Skype’s security and hacked its Twitter accountFacebook page, and blog. The group claiming responsibility is the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). Its message: end spying on the public. Minutes after we published this post, it appeared that Skype regained control and deleted the hacker messages from Twitter and Facebook, while its blog is being automatically redirected to Skype’s homepage now.

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