Tegra K1 benchmarks far exceed A7 and Snapdragon 800 performance

Nvidia kicked off CES with the announcement of its new Tegra K1 mobile chip, but lurking on the show floor was a device actually running an early version of the next-generation ARM processor. If early benchmarks of a seemingly underclocked chip are anything to go by, the Tegra K1 trounces the competition. Nvidia might finally have something to crow about.

Benchmarks for the newly announced Nvidia Tegra K1indicate that it could live up to the lofty promises made by the graphics processing company at CES 2014. Preliminary tests found that the 192-core System on a Chip dominates all of the off-screen “higher is better” benchmarking scores set by Tom’s Hardware. When tested at a 1080p resolution, it nearly doubles the frame rate of today’s standard-bearers, the iPhone 5S 64-bit A7 processor and the Nexus 5 Snapdragon 800 SoC.

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