Tumblr updates its terms of service for the first time in two years

Tumblr has updated its terms of service for the first time in two years and released a draft of it on Github before they post it on the site. At the heart of the update, Tumblr wanted to provide guidelines or rules for how users should use the blogging site. The Yahoo!-owned company is reminding users to attribute sources properly when reposting and stop impersonating companies, people, etc. 

Yesterday, Tumblr published a draft revision to its terms and policies to Github for reading by the public before it updates them on the site. The company said in a blog post that the updates mark the first time in two years that the service will be updating its terms of service, as well as the first time they’ve been tweaked since the company was acquired by Yahoo last year. The updated terms are mostly just tweaks to the legal wording but the company has reworked their recommendations on how to be a good Tumblr user. Notable additions include the company asking that users attribute each other when reposting contentrules against impersonating companies, personalities or other users and encourages users to discuss hateful content rather than have the company remove it.

By Alfie Joshua

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