Valve believes virtual reality will become mainstream in a couple of years

Virtual Reality is coming. As in, actual, good, user-friendly virtual reality. The stuff sci-fi has promised us for decades. Don’t take my word for it. Valve, easily one of the most revered and admired companies in gaming, has gone deep on virtual reality R&D, and they believe that amazing, consumer-friendly virtual reality is but a couple of years away.

The most exciting aspect of contemporary virtual reality is its implications. Even using Oculus VR’s early duct taped-prototype, most users immediately “get it.” You’re transported to, say, Tuscany, or an underwater exploration vehicle, or a space fighter, and that experience is enough to trigger a flood of ideas for other potential interactions — interactions that are dramatically heightened by employing a VR headset. How about deep-sea exploration in 4K? Or maybe Mars? And we’re not talking just video games, but experiences

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