Valve increases security for its Steam Family Sharing system

Valve has decided to increase the security for its Steam Family Sharing system even before the system is actually released. Although the new method is a bit more painful to set up, it gives video game lenders more control. It’s still better than any other digital service, considering nobody else offers a similar digital-sharing plan yet.

Valve hasn’t even released its Steam Family Sharing system to the community-at-large yet, but it’s already changing, according to a forum post Friday announcing an authorization limit of ten specific users on ten specific machines. Steam Family Sharing, currently in beta, is one of the most-anticipated changes to Valve’s digital games marketplace and a cornerstone of Valve’s upcoming SteamOS operating system. It allows users to share their digital library between multiple accounts—ostensibly so a household could buy the game once and then share it instead of buying a copy for each separate account.

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