Wikipad reveals gaming controller for both Android and Windows tablets

Newer tablets are powerful enough to play games with gorgeous graphics, and they’re only going to get more powerful. The problem is, touchscreen controls suck, really suck. Even when they don’t suck they still don’t feel as nice as a controller. This is something that Wikipad, an Android tablet maker, aims to fix. The company has announces a new universal gaming controller that will work with bothe Android and Windows tablets.

The premier tablets from Google, Apple, and Microsoft are all powerful mobile devices capable of playing stunning 3D games … with touchscreen controls. Wikipad, an Android tablet maker, revealed today that it is getting into the mobile peripheral business with a universal controller add-on called Gamevice to add console-quality buttons and analog sticks to tablets. The controller device is compatible with Android and Windows 8, and it stretches out to lock in large tablets like a vice.

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