Will really Chromebooks be able to replace Windows PCs?

As Google continues to update both ChromeOS and its own cloud services, Chromebooks are starting to look less like a glorified web browsing machine and more like a potential replacement for Windows. Sales are still modest and Chromebooks only account for a small portion of the PC market, but sales are starting to increase rapidly. 

Many view Chromebooks as Google’s attempt to pass off a glorified web browsing machine as a workable replacement for a Windows PC. But with the steady maturation of ChromeOS and Google cloud services, Chromebooks look like they may be finally ready to take a chunk out of Microsoft’s share. Perhaps you haven’t taken notice of Google’s other mobile OS, but a host of top PC manufacturers have. They’re not just re-purposed notebooks either: the HP Chromebook 11Samsung Chromebook, and Acer C7 Chromebook are the tip of an incoming Chromebook armada, with Google’s own Google Chromebook Pixel leading the charge with gorgeous design and better specs than the rest, but at a MacBook-esque price.

By Jesseb Shiloh

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