xxArray can put a playable version of yourself into a game

Nikon was showing off its new xxArray here at CES 2014, and if you’ve ever wanted to live in a video game, this may be your chance. The xxArray features an assortment of 48 Nikon DLSRs arranged at various points around your body to shoot you from every conceivable angle. After two hours of processing time you have a playable version of yourself to put into a video game. 

The days of trying to replicate yourself in video games with crude cartoonish avatars is coming to an end. As Nikon recently demonstrated at CES 2014, you’ll soon be able to create an avatar so realistic that’ll you’ll feel like you’ve been dropped into the game. Developed by Alexx Henry Studios, the xxArray system is a photo booth equipped with 68 cameras to capture a 360-degree, full-body image in glorious 3D. While posing for a couple quick shots only takes a few seconds, process time to create the avatar can take up to a couple hours. But it’s well worth the wait, as the finished renderings boasts an eye-popping 14 million digital polygons. In fact, operators must lower the polygon count closer to the 100,000 range to allow for video game processors to handle the detail.

By Rocco Penn

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