ZTE announces four new devices ahead of CES 2014

ZTE has announced four new devices ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show later this month. The Chinese company will be showing off a new flagship handheld device, a smartwatch, a phablet, and  a mobile hotspot with built-in projector. The most interesting device is the company’s first wearable device called the BlueWatch. 

ZTE will be making the trip from China to Las Vegas next week to show off a handful of new devices at CES 2014 with the hope of establishing itself as more than just another smartphone-maker. The company announced today that it will use the week-long trade show to unveil a new flagship handset, a phableta smartwatch and a mobile hotspot with built-in projector. “ZTE has been developing a portfolio of fantastic consumer electronics on top of the smartphones for which we’ve become well known,” said ZTE’s mobile chief Zeng Xuezhong.

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