Amazon turns Lovefilm Instant into its U.K. version of Amazon Prime Instant Video

If you like your movie streaming services with added one-day delivery and ebook borrowing options, you’re in luck. Amazon has announced that LoveFilm Instant is to be combined with Amazon Prime from February 26th, becoming Prime Instant Video, Britain’s “largest subscription streaming service”. For existing LoveFilm Instant subscribers that have already been encouraged over the past few months to associate their accounts with their Amazon log-in details, the changeover should be pretty seamless.

Lovefilm Instant subscribers, prepare yourself for a welcome change. After three years flying under its own flag, the UK movie streaming service will become part of Amazon’s Prime subscription on February 26th, rebranding as Prime Instant Videoin the process. That name might sound familiar because it’s the exact same package Amazon has been offering US Prime subscribers for the past 36 months. Before Amazon’s changes begin kicking in next week, a full year of Prime will cost just £49 up until launch day (the original cost of Prime’s one-day delivery service), rising to £79 thereafter. If you’re an existing subscriber, however, you won’t need to pay a penny until your yearly subscription expires. Amazon expects some won’t be impressed by Prime, so it’ll allow customers to stay on their existing monthly subscriptions. They won’t receive the wider benefits of speedy shipping and access to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library if they do.

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