AMD announces rewards program for users of the Gaming Evolved Application

When it comes right down to it, the primary reason why most of us buy a discrete graphics card is to play games. That’s part of what made AMD’s “Never Settle” bundles so awesome, and now the Sunnyvale chip designer has another promotion for gamers. It’s called AMD Rewards and it’s a program that gives Radeon and AMD APU owners a chance to claim prizes with points earned through the company’s Gaming Evolved app.

We normally don’t cover contests and giveaways, but this one is just a bit different than the others and sheds some light on the inner workings of AMD, so we’ll take a quick look at it. AMD is announcing today that they’re starting up a rewards program for users of their Gaming Evolved Application. The rewards program, dubbed AMD Rewards (not to be confused with Radeon Rewards) is a point based system that will see AMD rewarding users for using the Gaming Evolved application. The points in turn will be redeemable for a number of items, including games and some 3rd party hardware items, but most notably Sapphire Radeon R9 cards. All told, AMD is apparently putting up $5 million USD in merchandise, which would be a significant expense for a single promotion.

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  • Shadowviper

    A promotion that they started back in December as a soft launch to yesterdays hard launch. Since that December launch they have already lied and defrauded those that got that early preview of the program. Right before a sizeable portion of the community was about to have enough points for the 60 dollar games, AMD/RAPTR choose to deduct points already earned, what to keep them from doing this again.