Apple removes the last remaining Bitcoin application in its mobile store

Apple on Wednesday removed Blockchain, the last remaining application in its mobile store for transmitting bitcoins, signaling the continuing uncertainty around the virtual currency. U.K.-based Blockchain wrote Thursday on its website that Apple told it the application, which is a “wallet” that can be used to store and send bitcoins, was removed due to an “unresolved issue.” 

Apple has removed popular Bitcoin wallet Blockchain fromthe App Store without any clear reason given, Wired reports. The removal of the Blockchain app, which allows users to send and receive Bitcoin quickly and easily, means iOS users are left with no native Bitcoin wallet option, according to Coindesk. (Apple previously banned Coinbase and CoinJar). The closest Blockchain received to an explanation was an email from Apple saying it was removed “due to an unresolved issue,” Wired reports.

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