Apple reportedly resumes iPhone 4 production to sell in developing markets

The Economic Times claims Apple has resumed iPhone 4 production in response to sliding sales in emerging markets. The Cupertino company will presumably market the device as a low-cost option, and focus on markets such as India, Indonesia and Brazil. Shipments of iPhone 4 models bearing manufacturing dates of December 2013 were reportedly spotted passing through these markets recently, lending credence to the rumor; more stock, produced in January, was also recently shipped, the report says.

A report on Tuesday claims Apple has returned the discontinued iPhone 4 to production, though the three-generation-old handsets will be available only to very specific markets in India, Indonesia and Brazil. Citing three senior executives with knowledge of Apple’s plans, The Economic Times claims the company is looking to shoehorn its way back into the burgeoning markets as sales slid due to a lack of low-priced models. Lending credence to the rumored factory restart are recent shipments of iPhone 4 models bearing manufacturing dates of December 2013. Further, trade partners have reportedly been told the next batch will contain stock produced in January, which would be a clear signal that Apple has indeed resumed production.

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