Apple takes fourth place on EPA's list of greenest companies, Intel takes first

Companies today make it a point to acknowledge their commitment to going green. Apple is one of the most vocal, and it seems the company’s efforts have landed it at a respectable fourth place among the Environmental Protection Agency’s top 30 tech and telecom companies list. The EPA’s list highlights the annual use of green power by Green Power Partners in the U.S., recognizing the companies that help to reduce the environmental impact of electricity use. 

The Environmental Protection Agency has published its list of the top 30 tech and telecom companiesin the U.S. that take advantage of the most renewable energy sources, placing Apple near the top of the bunch at fourth place. Apple’s green power consumption reached 537,393,667 kWh, according to the EPA’s report. According to the EPA, only Intel, Microsoft, and Google use more green energy than the Cupertino company—though Apple definitely takes the prize for sourcing its power from the longest list of providers (eleven, compared to the next-highest count of only five). The study also notes that around 85% of Apple’s total power usage comes from “green” sources, such as wind and solar, while the other 15% comes from non-green sources.

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