Australian supermarket giant to make the switch from Windows to Chrome OS

Microsoft could soon be slashing the licensing fee of Windows 8.1 in order compete against the likes of Google’s Chrome OS. Perhaps it might be a case of too little, too late, as far as Woolworths is concerned, as the company has recently announced that they will be undertaking a huge transformation which would see Google Chrome OS devices account for 85% of the business devices used by Woolworths staff, replacing the majority of Windows products in the process.

Woolworths is currently undertaking a large technology transformation project which will see Google’s Chrome OS devices account for 85 per cent of business devices being used by the supermarket giant’s staff, replacing the majority of the company’s current Windows devices. Woolworths’ acting CIO, Damon Rees, has stated that in an interview with Computerworld that “We are currently trialling several types of Chromebooks and Chromeboxes to identify those most suitable for our environment.” Between the company’s technology and business teams, they currently have around 500 Chrome devices. Woolworths originally announced 12 months ago that it would transition to Google Apps and Chrome and Rees has stated that migration is part of a larger transformation program within the company.

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