Australia's 4G is the fastest in the world, U.S. is the second slowest

Australia’s 4G networks deliver the fastest download speeds in the world, but patchy coverage means users only experience those speeds 58 per cent of the time. Australia’s top spot in the global ranking of 4G download speeds comes from the State of LTE 2014 report by British firm OpenSignal, which sources data from its Android and iPhone apps installed on the devices of 6 million 4G users worldwide.

Users of 4G LTE in the US: Your last-gen network isn’t as fast as you think. British research firm OpenSignal, which specializes in wireless coverage mapping, has released a report which states that Australia has the fastest 4G Internet speed in the world. While the US is second slowest, the Philippines was named the slowest. According to the report, which is based on the state of LTE coverage and speeds around the world, all LTE networks don’t perform comparably, contrary to what most of the people anticipate. The data showed that there is immense variation in 4G performance of networks in different countries, with some service providers showing overall dwindling 4G download speeds in 2013. For example, in the US, average 4G download speeds have dropped from 9.6 Mbps in the second half of 2012 to 6.5 Mbps in 2013.

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