Bankrupt automotive company sells off its remaining EV's on eBay

Can you find anything and everything on eBay? Apparently so, even the new all-electric Coda Sedan. Wait a minute here, why would one want to go to eBay to buy a brand new car, when you can easily walk into a dealership and drive away with one? Well, perhaps the fact that Coda Automotive went bankrupt in May last year has something to do with such a predicament, and it has led all of the leftover stock of Coda Cars’ EVs to be sold at “a substantial discount” to those who were interested.

It remains possible to buy a brand new all-electric Coda Sedan, you just have to know where – and sometimes when – to look. Coda Automotive went bankrupt in May 2013, but we learned last September thatCoda Cars had purchased the leftover stock of the company’s EVs and would be selling them at “a substantial discount” through its website. That site still doesn’t have any prices on it but the Coda was originally priced at $44,900 and then took a steep price drop down to $37,250. Recently, Coda Cars had a Coda EV on eBay but that ended at just $14,000 – below the reserve – with 24 bids.

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