It's doubtful that Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox's will survive

The survival of Bitcoin-trading exchange Mt.Gox was in doubt Monday after its CEO left the digital currency’s top advocacy group and the exchange’s website went offline. Mt.Gox chief executive Mark Karpeles resigned from the Bitcoin Foundation’s board of directors on Sunday. The exchange’s website then went down late on Monday, and visitors to the site saw only a blank white page. Users reported via Twitter that Mt. Gox was not executing new orders, raising the possibility that the exchange was also offline.

Troubled Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, once the largest of its kind, has disappeared from the Internet after its website went offline following rumors that it is battling insolvency. There is clearly something seriously wrong going on at the company. Before the website went down, there were reports that Mt. Gox had disabled all trading on its site in a hint that it may be planning major restructuring. This sudden disappearance of the site comes less than an hour after the heads of six of the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchanges penned a letter in response to reports of Mt. Gox’s impending insolvency.

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