Bring old school gaming art to your home with Pixel

Back in the day, pixels were hard to come by. Eight and 16-bit gaming systems like the original NES and SNES consoles had to tell gamers long, complex stories without the aid of today’s visuals. It was, visually speaking, a simpler time. If you’ve ever had a hankering for a taste of those low-res days without the need to dust off your old and spider-infested NES, then take a gander at Pixel, the pixelated art frame.

Take your old Lite-Brite and turn it up to 11. Add Bluetooth, tuck in animation support, and let people draw their designs via smartphone. What do you get? Something like PIXEL. The (aptly named) PIXEL is a display built specifically for showing off pixel art. A pixel art photo frame, if you will. Want an animated loop of Sonic tapping his foot atop your mantle? Sure. An endless chain of Marios coming out of a pipe in your bathroom? Okay! Want Pac-Man to waka-waka around the screen until the end of time? Hell, why not. When you want to change up the photo, you’d just pop open the app on your smartphone and draw away. Want to do something a bit more complicated — like animation? Make your design in your favorite editing app, then transfer it to the PIXEL over USB or Bluetooth. If you’re drawing a still, you’d send it a PNG; if you’re doing animation, you’d send it a GIF.

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