Chevy hits SXSW again with 4G LTE tech release

OnStar 4G LTE

Chevrolet has been trying to make a splash at the various technology and social media shows in recent years. Their next big play will be in March as they storm Austin, Texas, for another round of

Last year, they focused on the cars themselves, but this year they’re going after a very specific technology release with their new OnStar 4G LTE service. As vehicles continue to get more attention for their connectivity, Chevrolet wants to stay on top of the trend. One of the primary features that this brings to the table is the HotSpot, allowing those in the vehicle (hopefully not the driver) to continue their normal surfing on WiFi-only tablets and computers. It will be good for smartphones as well if they’re closing in on their monthly limit for internet.

“This is such an excellent convenience for passengers,” said Brett Dorman at Atlanta Chevrolet. “Being able to stay connected on long trips will make them easier for families to bare.”

Earlier this year, Chevrolet had a large presence at CES when they first announced the technology. At SXSW, attendees will be able to demo the feature.

Written by Brian Molidor
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