Coca-Cola to release Keurig Cold machine to let you make your own soda

The Keurig Cold single-serve beverage system that is currently under development is expected to hit stores shelves in more than year. Keurig Cold will use formulated single-serve pods to dispense cold beverages including carbonated drinks, enhanced waters, juice drinks, sports drinks and teas in a way similar to the Keurig brand hot system.

A new deal between Coca Cola and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters — the company that makes the Keurig beverage system — means that several of the soda makers’ biggest brands are likely to come to an upcoming home beverage product. Green Mountain today announced that Coca Cola had taken a 10 percent stake in the company, alongside the deal that gives it use of  the “Coca-Cola Company’s global brand portfolio” for Keurig Cold, a product that’s expected to compete squarely with SodaStream.

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