Dogecoin founder turns down $500,000 investment offers

People have talked about Dogecoin having potential as a micro-currency for transactions and ‘tipping’ on the Internet, and it seems like it is gaining credibility among investors. Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer says he has rejected $500,000 investment proposals following early discussions with at least two VC firms. Speaking to Techly at a meet-up in his native Australia, Palmer said he has no interest in taking on funding, but did have preliminaries talks with a VC firm in the US and another in Australia.

Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer has thrown down the gauntlet to the cryptocurrency community declaring that neither he nor his digital currency are for sale, despite huge offers of investment from Australian venture capitalists. At an Australian meet-up on Thursday night organised via Reddit, where Dogecoin’s community was started, the Sydney-based founder told Techly he is also calling for government regulation of cryptocurrencies – a move that’s unlikely to make him any friends in the Bitcoin community. For those not in the know, Dogecoin is an internet currency that features ‘Doge’, a Shiba Inu (breed of dog) from Japan, based on the popular internet meme, as its logo. 

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